Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yoga Syahputra is well-known as Olga Syahputra. He is an actor and a host in Indonesian Television. He was born at 8 Feb 1983. usually have performing as a queer.
The oldest brother of Nur Rachman and Nurhida children. He is beginning from Sanggar Ananda by aditya Gumai. Olga has some chance in some scene movie and soap opera.

Olga has a player in Kawin Gantung, susahnya Jadi Perawan, Tina Toon, And Lenong Bocah,

Olga has a player also in Jangan Cium Gue, Extravaganza, ABG, and Prime Time. Lately Olga with Indra Bekti and Indy Barends being as a host in Ceriwis, Trans TV. This program screen-on everyday.

2008, Olga more famous and valuable in entertaimnet. Olga, Raffi Ahmad and Luna Maya is being a host in Dahsyat. From this program, Olga has an award of The Most Favorite Comedian and also The Favorite Music Presenter of Panasonic Awards 12 th of 2009.

Looking at Olga, We can learn that You must stuff and loyal on your business and activities. From zero to be a hero. that Olga live. ( joe and adjie )